Vegetarian Diet and Quinoa
Get nutrition through a diet that is purely vegetarian. Quinoa has a splendid 15 percent of prote...
High protein Quinoa recipes for vegetarians
16.8 gms protein
Love Burgers? Quinoa can be mixed with any vegetable to make amazing patties for burgers. Read th...
Indiagate Quinoa
India Gate presents Quinoa, now in India
Say hello to this legendary super food, now home-grown in India! It is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins, and is naturally gluten - free.  Now make your daily living healthy and superb with Quinoa.

500gm pack available on

Indiagate Quinoa

Making quinoa is as simple as preparing rice. You just need to wash it well, and boil it in double the water till all the water is absorbed. It takes 15 minutes to get ready!...

Quinoa is for Everyone