If you can cook Rice, you can cook Quinoa

Making quinoa is as simple as preparing rice. You just need to wash it well, and boil it in double the water till all the water is absorbed. It takes 15 minutes to get ready!

Step 1:
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Rinse your Quinoa. Quinoa grows a bitter, protective coating which can be easily rinsed off. To remove bitterness rinse quinoa in cold water a few times, till the water stops being foamy. Drain well and add to the cooking pot.

Step 2:
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Add double amount of water in proportion the the Quinoa into pan - for example if you use 1 cup of quinoa, you will need two cups of water for it to cook in. The Ratio is 1:2.

Step 3:
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Let it come to boil and simmer covered over low heat for about 10-15 mins, or till the water is absorbed. If you want to cook quinoa in liquid other than water, simply add quinoa to the liquid in the same ratio.

Step 4:
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If you have added extra water by mistake, no worries - you can drain out the excess water, just like we do with Rice. You can check the quinoa for doneness - it will look shiny and puffed up and will be soft to touch.

Step 5:
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Fluff it up you its done and let it rest for a minute, this helps the grains to absorb the water and fluff up even more - giving it the texture we all love.


You can now before use it in the recipe of you choice, You could also, simply serve it as is with your favourite veg or non-veg curry and enjoy it like you would enjoy rice.

For even more flavour, you can toast the Quinoa before cooking it - Take the rinsed off and dried Quinoa in a hot iron pan and toast it with a little oil over low heat for better nutty flavour. Keep toasting for 6-8 minutes till the quinoa turns golden. Cook it normally after that.