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Indulge in the Classic Biryani Experience with India Gate Biryani Masala

Pose the question of India’s most cherished dish, and ‘Biryani’ will echo through the conversations, a unanimous favourite that conjures up the intoxicating scent of its preparation, transporting one to moments steeped in nostalgia. Each aficionado of Biryani carries a tale, a personal narrative of discovery and love for this exquisite dish, whether it’s the allure of its flavours or the joy found in the communal act of cooking and sharing it with loved ones.

As you meander through India’s vast expanse, from the bustling lanes of the North to the serene stretches of the South, and from the vibrant East to the culturally rich West, you’ll encounter many versions of Biryani, each infused with the essence of local spices. 

India Gate, a name synonymous with the finest Basmati Rice, and cherished by culinary enthusiasts across the nation, now introduces an array of Biryani Masalas. These masalas promise to bring the authentic taste of India’s most iconic biryani recipes into your kitchen.

Why Do You Need the New India Gate Biryani Masalas?

The newly launched India Gate Classic Biryani Masalas are available in three popular variants – Hyderabadi biryani masala, Lucknowi biryani masala, and Kolkata biryani masala. 

Every pack has gravy and seasoning inside and they are different for each type of biryani to capture the authentic taste. For example, our Hyderabadi Biryani Masala seasoning mix includes coconut milk powder while the Lucknowi Biryani seasoning includes natural ingredients such as kewra and cardamom. We have used seasoning spices, such as star anise, cloves, cardamom, chilli, kasuri methi, turmeric, mace, nutmeg, cinnamon, white pepper, garlic, dry onion, coriander, and black pepper.

The biryani gravy features ingredients such as onion, garlic, ginger, cashew nut, tomato, sugar, spices and condiments. We prepare the biryani gravy by slowly simmering all the ingredients together in the perfect proportions

The Experience of Cooking and Eating Biryani

India Gate Classic Biryani Masalas ensure that you or your family members don’t have to sweat out in the kitchen to create authentic biryani recipes. The gravy, crafted with exquisite perfection, emanates a delectable aroma when mixed with the protein, and transitions into the classic biryani with the addition of the seasoning and aromatic, long-grain basmati rice.

The simplicity in cooking and the grandness of flavours, together create the perfect biryani experience, relished by one and all. 

A New Way to Discover the Old Tastes

While biryanis are loved for their rich taste, their legacy adds to their charm. Introduced by Mughal emperors and the Nawabs of Hyderabad and Lucknow, they hold the essence of royal cooking techniques and taste. 

Through the India Gate’s Classic Biryani Masala, we have explored the fascinating tales behind India’s favorite biryanis and brought to you those authentic, and regal flavours. 

Explore the Flavours of Nizam with the Hyderabadi Biryani Masala 

The rich history of Hyderabadi biryani originated in the Mughal kitchens during the reign of Aurangzeb. Chefs for the new ruler of Hyderabad, Nizam-Ul-Mulk, used the local flavours in Mughlai recipes to create the opulent Hyderabadi biryani. The new Hyderabadi Biryani Masala by India Gate recreates the centuries-old recipe with the same experience as the chefs who worked in the kitchens of nawabs. 

We have created the gravy for Hyderabadi Biryani by slowly simmering the essential ingredients to impart an authentic taste. It is made with ingredients such as onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, iodized salt, sugar, water, and cashew nuts, along with assorted spices and condiments. The Hyderabadi Biryani masala also includes a seasoning, which is a secret ingredient created with a mix of the important spices and herbs that add an exquisite taste to authentic Hyderabadi biryani.

Bring Awadhi Cuisine into Your Kitchen with the Lucknowi Biryani Masala

When you think of Lucknow, a city full of royal flavors and stories., the Lucknowi biryani comes into the picture, which is a dish with gentle flavors and a smooth texture that feels like a hug from the past. It makes you feel like you are in the kitchen of Wajed Ali Shah, the last nawab of Lucknow, where every spice whispers tales of love and tradition. 

Now, with our Lucknowi Biryani masala, you can bring this experience to your home. You can use the biryani gravy and seasoning packets in the Lucknowi Biryani Masala to craft the perfect Lucknowi Biryani from scratch. With the Lucknowi Biryani masala, you can not only enhance the flavor but also retain the delectable taste that was relished by the nawabs. 

Blending Taste and Perfection with the Kolkata Biryani Masala

Transport yourself to the city of joy: Kolkata, where the corner tells the story of rich flavors and cultural blends. Out of Kolkata Biryani Masala brings you authentic taste with a blend of Awadhi culinary and Kolkata’s local essence. Picture the nawabs’ kitchens, where spices worked their magic, similarly to our masala; you can recreate this magic at home easily.

Cooking Kolkata Biryani with our masala is simple, but it makes you feel like you are a traditional chef. When you cook, the spices fill your kitchen with a wonderful scent and take you to the city of Joy’s market. While enjoying the biryani with your family and friends you, you will feel each and every bite is a celebration of tradition, togetherness, and unique flavors of Kolkata

Unravel the Chef in You with India Gate Biryani Masalas

With India Gate biryani masalas, you can easily create a delicious biryani dish for your loved ones. We’ve worked hard to create the India Gate Classic Biryani Range (IGCBR), from finding the best recipes to selecting top-quality ingredients. Our aim? To make cooking biryani a delightful experience for you and your family. With our range of biryani masalas and Classic Basmati rice, like our India Gate Classic Basmati, you can cook and enjoy biryani together effortlessly. So, why not try our masalas today and start your own biryani love story?”. Visit our page to discover quick tips and tricks to elevate the Biryani experience.


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