A recipe that’s etched in time

Named after the city of Nawabs - Lucknow, Lucknowi Biryani is the epitome of elegance, charm, and Mughlai eminence. It is said to be inspired by Wajed Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Lucknow, and continues to be the most celebrated dish of the Awadhi cuisine.
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It started centuries ago, in the grand kitchens of the kings of Lucknow. The royal chefs believed that romance and elegance could also be celebrated through food. They wanted to create recipes that were inspired by the Mughlai cuisine but brought forward a delicate balance between aromas, spices, and other ingredients.
So, they wrapped the spices in a fine muslin cloth, and carefully extracted the flavours to create a biryani that was smoother in texture, milder in spice, and offered a burst of aroma.
Centuries later, India Gate Classic Lucknow Biryani Masala reawakens the exquisite taste with aromatic spices, slowly simmered using traditional recipes, promising an authentic and indulgent Lucknowi Biryani experience.
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Get transported to a world of sensorial bliss

When you open the pack of India Gate Luckowi Biryani Masala, you open the doors to an era of classic splendour. From the marination to the preparation, every moment entwined with the aromas and flavours, is a feast for all your senses.

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With these simple, and quick tips, you can make your biryani an
absolute classic, every time.
The Experience Begins
Select India Gate Classic Basmati Rice, as the aroma and perfectly aged long grains, elevate your biryani experience every time.
The Journey Halfway Through
Add a few drops of Kewra to enhance the aroma of your biryani, just before the dum stage.
The Classic Culmination
Garnish your masterpiece with the perfect combination of crispy fried onions, delicious cashews, and fresh mint.
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Relish the Classic Biryani Experience
Make even the simplest of moments and occasions an indulgent affair with the easy-to-cook and splendidly sumptuous - India Gate Classic Lucknowi Biryani Masala.
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Indulge in the hassle-free preparation of authentic Lucknowi Biryani!
The popularity of Lucknowi Biryani in the Awadhi cuisine has its charm compared to other Biryani flavours across the Indian regions. Now, make Biryani cooking a hassle-free process with our specially formulated India Gate Classic Lucknowi Biryani Masala that does not compromise on the authentic flavours of traditional Lucknowi Biryani. Save time by preparing the spice mix and serving the dish in a jiffy.

No need to go through the extensive process of measuring each herb and spice and grinding them. We offer the perfect blend of spices that ensures the consistency of flavours in Awadhi Biryani, whether vegetarian or non-vegetable. You can use it with various proteins from chicken, mutton paneer and vegetables. So, customise your biryani as per your preferences, adding a rich aromatic flavour profile to enhance the overall taste of your dish.
Why India Gate Classic Lucknowi Biryani Masala?
We present you the authentic crafting of Lucknowi flavours for Biryani in the Awadhi cuisine, including exotic spices and herbs in our masala. The extracted flavours from the spices give a smoother texture and mild spice taste to create this aromatic Biryani. Here is what to expect with our Lucknowi flavourful masala:

  • High-quality, hand-picked spices that are sourced ethically
  • Perfectly grounded with no added preservatives, added colours and artificial flavours.
  • Easy to store and use without any early preparation hassle
Experience traditional Lucknowi hospitality with this celebratory dish!
With our masala, you can create unique dining experiences that highlight the variety and taste of Indian food, whether you're cooking for yourself or hosting guests. Cook your proteins with our masala to create a harmonious flavour profile. Just garnish it with dry fruits and serve hot and fragranced on the platter.
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