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Quinoa – helping keep your promise of healthy diet

Quinoa’s introduction to the Indian palate is nascent, so if you mention it to your granny, she might look at you in a way that you won’t forget!

But, surprisingly quinoa has been nourishing the world for more than 3000 years. Originally found in Peru and Bolivia in South America, quinoa has now entered celebrities' homes and is also a huge hit among health enthusiasts across the globe.

If you want to check on its star status, ask your dietician friend or check the Instagram of a fitness influencer. In fact, many Indian farmers are now growing quinoa as this super seed is getting into kitchen shelves across India. But, what is so great about it that more and more people are adding it to their meals? Well, we have the list.


Powerhouse of protein

Classified as a whole grain, quinoa technically is a seed that is rich in plant protein, and all nine essential amino acids that can be easily synthesized by our body naturally. So, if you are worried about your protein intake, then try one cup of quinoa and get 8 grams of protein instantly. It even has higher protein than an egg. And is probably better for you than the expensive protein shake which you have been guzzling.

Naturally, gluten-free

Are you gluten-sensitive or celiac? Then quinoa maybe right for you. Loaded with the goodness of several different vitamins, and minerals along with many anti-oxidants, this nutritious superfood can be a part of your gluten-free diet. Combine it with other non-glutinous food items like corn, potato, and enjoy a feast with your family at home.

Say yes to your hidden glow

Make make the dream of having flawless skin a reality by including quinoa in your eating routine. Quinoa has lysine, an essential building block in synthesizing collagen and elastin, key ingredients of beautiful skin. It also has Vitamin B that helps in reducing age spots and pigmentation.

Keep your weight worries aside

If you planning to shed some extra kilos, it's time to make your next lunch with quinoa. Its amazing fiber content keeps you full for a longer time so that you can escape snacking cravings. Moreover, this easy-to-cook whole grain can easily be combined with pretty much everything You can even make khichdi or biryani with it!

Rediscover your love for sweets

Don’t give up on your sugary love as quinoa also has a low glycemic index (GI)- it means it keeps blood sugar in check. High in magnesium, quinoa also helps in controlling type 2 diabetes.

Feel lively everyday

Quinoa takes care of your heart, head, and you in bed (insomnia) as it has vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron that make you energetic and lively every day. For those who don't know, these vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper functioning of our red blood cells, better muscle metabolism, and balanced brain functionality.