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Hi, my name is … would it matter? Like Shakespeare said, ‘What’s in a name’.

Similarly, what doesn’t matter is where I come from, all I can say is, I am Indian, and I love rice. The biryani, pulao, mango rice, coriander rice, coconut rice, tamarind rice, sambar rice, sesame rice, lemon rice, curd rice, and this list can be infinite when you mix and match these ingredients.

What’s the common denominator? Rice!

Ever wondered how it feels to eliminate rice from your daily diet chart? According to India Diabetes Report 2000-2045 by International Diabetes Federation, up until 2021, about 74 Million Indians suffered with Diabetes, and this number will frivolously grow to over 124 Million by 2045. Do you know what’s worse? Approximately 53% of these people remain undiagnosed. All of whom will at some point have to give up on rice.

But why?

White rice can be pretty damaging for a diabetic. With its high Glycemic index (GI), it can cause erratic spikes in blood sugar levels. This can be compared to a sudden flood of water in a low-lying area which knows its fate every cyclone, storm, or heavy rain. It’s about knowing thy fate. The fate of diabetics after consuming white rice, as mentioned above, is evident. An inevitable risk that is difficult to avert.

Do you know what’s the alternative in such a scenario?

Saying goodbye to the illustrious list of biryani, pulao, mango rice, coriander rice, coconut rice, tamarind rice, sambar rice, sesame rice, lemon rice, curd rice, and the other relatives. Refined carbs after all!

So, embrace more whole grains. Not that you won’t love whole grains, but will you want to say goodbye to your favourite white rice?

(Source - Eating white rice regularly may raise type 2 diabetes risk - Harvard T.H. CHAN)

Now, the main question! How do I eat rice, even though I am a diabetic? How! Do you believe in love at first sight? I don’t. But I believe in falling in love after I’ve understood the pros and cons of what the relationship can do to me. No place for risks or toxicity.

I am in love with Sugar Watchers by India Gate, a low GI rice which is India’s first diabetic friendly rice. GI so low that I can consume it in every meal, every day, and not feel guilty about it. So now that I’m in love,

what about the pros and cons? I don’t know what the cons are, which is why I blindly trust this rice. I know one thing for sure, my sugar levels won’t spike and I am able to eat my favourite dishes, guilt-free!

Not just me, the guest who comes home. They get to taste Sugar Watchers too.

No, it doesn’t taste any different from regular white rice. Hence, I don’t need to stock up on white rice separately for anyone else at home. Sugar Watchers suffices!

I’m sure this story would have inspired you to try this revolutionary product from India Gate!

India’s first diabetic friendly rice, made with love.

Product Description:

Sugar watchers Rice is a low GI (Glycemic Index) parboiled rice from the house of India Gate, ideal for people who keep a check on their sugar intake. It is a diabetic friendly rice which is a wholesome product that gives freedom to enjoy your favourite rice-based cuisines without the guilt or the worry of a spike in GI. You do not need to compromise on the taste either. It tastes just like regular rice. As a diabetic, you do not have to adapt to a brand-new lifestyle to accommodate a diet tailored to manage the substitute for rice. India Gate Sugar Watchers is an ideal partner in your daily diet, This one of a kind variety of rice is as delectable as other premium rice variants from India Gate now #JumKeKhao with your family!