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Why Basmati Rice is considered the best?

Basmati Rice is considered the Badshah of Biryani- the undisputed king of all varieties of rice.

But what makes Basmati rice so special? Is it the aroma or the flavor? Let's find out.

The word Basmati comes from the Sanskrit word Vasumati and means aromatic. Basmati has certain distinct characteristics which no other grain of rice seems to have. These include post-cooking elongation, non-stickiness, fluffy texture, woody taste, and fragrance.

The credit for this goes to its low starch content and AP2 (2-acetyl-1-pyrroline). However, the best part is that it is gluten-free and at the same time healthier than its counterparts. Available in two forms-brown (the grain with the husk) and white (the more polished grain), Basmati is the first choice for the health-conscious generation this time.

Nourishing whole-grain diet - According to Ayurveda, Basmati is nourishing and easily digestible and touted to be sattvic in nature. As per a research report, basmati rice, the whole grain, has considerably less quantity of arsenic content amongst all varieties, which helps reduce heart disease risks, inflammation and the possibility of certain types of cancer. Power-packed with the goodness of micronutrients like folate, thiamine, selenium, magnesium, along with required calories and carbohydrates. This wholesome nutritious-diet is a must for health enthusiasts. As per studies, its low GI (Glycemic Index) quotient helps in improving blood-sugar regulation and controlling Type 2 Diabetes.

Boon for WeightWatchers - Maintaining a balanced height-weight ratio comes under the no-compromise zone for a healthy life in today’s time and Basmati rice can help in this quest as it is naturally low in sodium and has no cholesterol or trans-fats. You can ask why Basmati and not any other form of rice? - Well, it is said that Basmati rice is lower in calories compared to regular long-grain rice. It is also said that its low Glycemic Index maintains a feeling of fullness for a longer period, hence helping in satiating any untimely hunger pangs. Many nutritionists and dieticians alike advise incorporating a rice diet in their meals along with other protein-rich dishes.

The showstopper of many dishes - Imagine a curry or your favorite pot of Hyderabadi biryani without Basmati rice. Can you? The answer is no. Because we all know Basmati is the star of these dishes. The elongation, the aroma and the fluffiness make the basis for presentable and sumptuous food. Besides that, if paired with some homely available spices, herbs and fresh vegetables, it can provide a wholesome meal in the comfort of one’s house.

A native of India and Pakistan, Basmati is the only privileged variety that is exported. For many, this is just not food but a connection between soul and stomach relished forever.