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Unleash the magic of brown

Keeping our food cravings at bay seems to be a herculean task in today’s world of temptations. Whenever we plan our diet and promise to be sincere towards it..due to x,y and z reasons it just does not materialize. And, I am sure it happens with most of us. But what if only by incorporating a small change in our regular meal can do half of our job. Well, all you have to do is to prepare your next biryani or pulao with brown rice. Now, you will ask- why brown rice? Right now, this page will tell you about so many benefits of this amazing grain that your next order will positively have a pack of brown rice. Let's get started!!


No more waiting for the weight loss

Running on a treadmill for hours seems to yield no result as your mirror is saying that the desired curve is still not in sight. But this whole grain (unpolished, unrefined grain) can power your desire for a good shape. Its fiber-rich nature keeps your untimely hunger pangs in control and makes you feel full for a longer time. And when you feel satiated for a significant time, your untimely snacking takes a back seat, helping you shed those extra kilos. It also has manganese and phosphorus, which help in synthesizing unnecessary fats in the body. Hence, control obesity. Isn’t it amazing?


Enjoy the sweetness in life…bindass

Now, you can have that one piece of chocolate you have been eyeing for so long because the good news is brown rice controls diabetes. Its low glycemic index helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels in the body, hence, keeping us healthy and dynamic for a longer period.


Here comes the heart expert

In today’s tension-filled life, sometimes it gets difficult to manage heart health. So, here is our heart specialist- brown rice. Loaded with the goodness of lignans, selenium, potassium, and magnesium, brown rice reduces the risk of CVDs (cardiovascular diseases). It also helps in managing the levels of cholesterol at large. So, fight the issues of life with the confidence of a happy and healthy heart.


Strong immunity means a healthy you

In the wake of deadly Covid-19, it has become paramount to take good care of our fighting warriors in the body i.e. our immune system. Packed with the richness of essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, and Phenolic acids, brown rice helps in keeping the immune system robust all the time.

Magnesium in Brown rice promotes active metabolism and bone health in the body. Selenium plays a pivotal role in countless enzyme reactions and supports proper thyroid function also.


Sleep like a baby again

No need to look at stars all night, because brown rice is the natural source of melatonin, the hormone responsible for good sleep. Studies suggest sound sleep is directly proportional to heart, gut, brain and skin health. What else do you need?


Star ingredient of various dishes

Goes without saying, its nutty flavor can add look, taste, and feel to any delicacy. So don the chef cap and make some healthy lunch or dinner for your loved ones with our star ingredient brown rice.

After reeling under the scare of coronavirus for almost 2 years, we all have understood that only a strong person can survive the war. So, be the warrior, and choose health with a bowl of brown rice in your daily diet routine, to take the challenges of life head-on.