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Throwing some light on black rice

Black rice is a small, round grain that is black and has a nuttier flavour than other rice variant. A native to the Andhra Pradesh and Manipur, this rice variant is not as well-known in India as other varieties of the grain.

The rice is also referred to as purple rice and is found across South-East Asia including Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Black rice is a variety of sticky rice, has seen renewed interest among researchers and it has several medicinal and nutritional properties. Here are some of the reasons why you should be eating black rice.


Antioxidants galore!

The deep black or purple color of black rice is a marker of its high antioxidant properties. Similar to blackberries and blueberries, those fruits appear deeper in colour because they have high amounts of anti-oxidants. The outermost layer of the grain (the bran and the hull), contains immense amounts of these antioxidant chemicals called anthocyanin. The amount of anthocyanin contained in black rice is higher than any other grain!


Fibrous and nutritious

Black rice contains about 3 grams of fiber per half-cup serving. This high-fiber content helps regulate bowel movements, prevents constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. Fiber also binds toxins and waste within the digestive tract and flushes it out on completion of its cycle of digestion. Fibre gives your body a full feeling after consumption, which prevents you from overindulging in fatty foods, thus aiding weight loss.

Keeps diabetes away

Black rice is a whole grain, which means it has all parts of the rice plant—including the bran (where most of the fiber is stored). The benefit of whole grains over simple carbs is that the bran takes longer to digest, so your body has a steadier supply of glucose. This helps prevent spikes in blood sugar levels and the subsequent impact on your weight.

It is heart-healthy

Eating black rice may have a positive impact on your heart health. The anthocyanins phytochemicals found in black rice specifically reduce the Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol also known as the bad cholesterol, which is a common contributor to heart disease. It also brings down the total cholesterol levels.

In the Indian kitchen

Black rice is used to prepare several interesting recipes — such as porridge, halwa, and Paniyaram — just like other rice varieties. It changes color when soaked and takes longer to cook than usual varieties. Black rice Kavuni Arisi payasam is a delicious way to celebrate festivals and special occasions.

Black rice halwa is a traditional Indian dessert. The rice paste is cooked in coconut milk for several hours over a very low flame. This halwa recipe takes a while, but it’s worth the extra effort. The halwa requires constant stirring because the black rice must not burn. The secret is in the stirring and if you stir long enough, the halwa will turn out be extremely delicious.

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