Placeholder Best India Gate Feast Rozana Basmati Rice for Daily Meal
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India Gate Feast Rozzana

India Gate Feast Rozanna is the staple rice that is perfect for everyday consumption.

The Rozanna Feast Rice elevates every meal into a delicious comforting food which is aromatic and have distinctly long and slender grains. It keeps you satisfied for a longer time.

This Basmati rice is raised and harvested in the northwest foothills of the Himalayas. It is aged perfectly to get improved volume, fluffiness, and yield. This ageing method also gives the rice the distinctive Basmati aroma and flavour.

  • 2x elongation and thin grains.
  • Have a strong Basmati aroma.
  • Aged Basmati rice for everyday use
  • India Gate Feast Rozzana Rice harvested from the northwestern Himalayas, the centre of basmati cultivation in India.
  • Contains pearlescent white grains that cook without sticking to one another or breaking.

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