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The Chhath Puja – Celebrate while the sun shines

Chhath Puja is a primeval festival that continues to be celebrated with traditional fervour and simplicity. Chhath goes back several millennia,tracing its mentions in the Rig Veda as well, just as the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The word Chhath comes from the Sanskrit word Shashthi, which means the 6th. The festival is celebrated after six days of Diwali. Traditionally celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and in the Madhesh region of Nepal, the festival now finds echo around the country. As per tradition, worshippers perform the Chhath Puja to get the blessings of Surya and his sister Shashti Devi (Chhathi Maiya).

The puja lasts four days- Chauth Dham, the feast, Chhathi Ghati (Day of the sixth) or Brahaspatvinayak, Chhaapa (an intermediate day dedicated to Lord Brahma) and Dakchhay (or Dhannay). Rice, grains, ghee, oil, salt and coconuts are worshiped during the puja.


Bring in a lot of tasteful delights
Chaawal ki Kheer

Rice Kheer is as tasty as it is vibrant. A favorite from the Chhath Puja menu, this dish combines rice and milk to create a delicacy that will leave you wanting for more. Be it with your family, friends, or neighbours during Chhath, this rice pudding will be one of the highlights of your dinner table.
Rice Kheer is a special festive offering given to Lord Sun as a mark of reverence to him

Thekua - Thekua, also known as Khajuria or Thikari, is a very popular sweet dish that is synonymous with Chhath puja. It is impossible to imagine this festival without this sweet treat! This easy sweet treat can be made at home very easily. This delicious sweet is made with wheat flour, dry coconut, melted sugar, and ghee.

Kesar Ka Laddoo - In addition to Thekua and Rice Kheer, there is another kind of sweet that is served during the puja – The Kesar Ka Laddoo. It is easy to make and is ready in a few minutes. It is made of powdered rice and jaggery powder with ghee and fennel seed. It is a prasad prepared on the Chhath Puja day, the day of Sandhya Arghya.

Kesar - This traditional rice Laddoo is a quintessential Chhath Puja recipe. To make this quick recipe, you need 2 cups of coarsely ground rice, 1 cup jaggery (powdered), ½ cup desiccated coconut, and some ghee to bind the laddoo. Just mix everything and make small laddoos and offer it as a prasad.

Chana Dal and Steamed Rice - It is difficult to fathom an Indian festival without the mention of Dal. The Chana dal and rice, a classic combination that goes well on this occasion.

A rich mix of ghee and spices is added to make the dish flavourful and zesty. The steamed rice balances the flavor and texture of the food.