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Diwali – Let there be light everywhere

When beauty surrounds you and the light commands you;

When aromas cherish the soul and happiness define your core.

Comes the festival of enlightenment and charm,

in its glory to ward off any evil and harm.

We are sure most of you have already connected with the name of the festival.

Of course, it's Diwali. A celebration during which the entire country transforms into a land of countless lamps. Happy faces and sparkling hearts do the talking.

Keeping the romance alive - From Dhanterus to Bhaiya Dooj, each occasion represents the richness of the biggest festival in the country. When a family brings Laxmi-Ganesh idols to their decorated house amid rangoli and flowers, they also welcome prosperity in life. Diwali also serves as a cleansing ritual. A festival that signifies that one needs to allay the worries and start afresh.

Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya- lead me out of the gloom, straight into brightness - Standing tall on the idea of inner awakening, Diwali evokes a deeper understanding of spiritual liberation in every soul it touches with its true essence. Be it the homecoming of Lord Ram after exile or the destruction of the demon Narakasura by the god Krishna, every legend points towards a journey of discovering greater truth, knowledge and divinity in life. With some new clothes on, a newness in thoughts is also welcomed on this beautiful day, and so is inner peace, prosperity, and purity in all walks of life.

Different celebrations add to the brilliance of this festival. In Jaipur, the best-lit market square gets a prize. In the South, locals burn effigies of Narkasura to emphasize the win of good over evil. The Sikh community enjoys this festival to mark the laying of the foundation stone for the Golden Temple. It’s an auspicious day for the Jain community also, as it marks the liberation ceremony of Mahavir’s soul.

The origin  - The festival of Diwali goes back to several millennials and it possibly began as a harvest festival. The origins and celebration of the festivals vary by region. This could be due to folklore that goes down generations. There is a belief that Diwali is the celebration of Goddess Laxmi’s marriage to Lord Vishnu. While many consider the day as the day of her birth.

In the east, the festival is focused on Goddess Kali. In certain parts, devotees offer prayers to Lord Ganesh. However, across legends and stories what prevails is the return of Lord Ram after defeating Ravana.

Sweetness galore- Festival of food and fullness - In India, all we need is a reason to binge on delectable food, and what better day could there be than Diwali? You cannot find a single home without a plate of sweets and dry fruits. On Diwali we greet our relatives, neighbours and loved ones with a box of mithai, gifts and a smile. How can we not savour the encapsulating aroma of desi ghee laddoos wafting from every sweet shop? Even talking about it makes one crave for some. Murukku (a rice-flour dish) and Aloo Boonda (has potato stuffing) are renowned South Indian snacks that are a must-have for every gathering. Rice kheer, Rasgulla, chaats,…just name it and you find it on a dinner table in an Indian house. Food binds us in a way only we know. The affection we carry in our hearts is what makes this festival so loved and awaited every year.