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The Eternal Dependence for Basmati Rice to Fulfil the Diwali Celebrations!

Eternal Dependence for Basmati Rice

With Diwali just around the corner, you do have your guest lists ready, isn’t it? But do you have plans on what dishes you are going to serve on the festive occasion? You definitely have some ideas on your mind. And it’s a bet that you do have basmati rice as your prime ingredient in the list for making some exotic dishes. 

Beyond adding the pinch of deliciousness and mouthwatering flavour, basmati rice, being used for Diwali, also symbolizes purity, prosperity, and abundance! In short, Diwali traditions are literally incomplete without basmati rice being the foundation of all celebratory dishes.

So, if you have just explored your talent in cooking and want to impress your guests this Diwali, it’s time to try out basmati rice recipes and make your guests in awe of your skills. 

But first, you must know the cultural significance of basmati rice in Indian cultures and how different dishes make their way to the dining tables of several households during the festive occasion of Diwali. 

In What Ways Is Basmati Rice A Part of the Auspicious Diwali Festival?

Basmati rice, the symbol of purity, has always been considered an integral part of every auspicious occasion. Diwali, being the festival of lights, is the time when you pray to the almighty to bless you with prosperity and well-being. And everything you do on this day is to showcase your religiousness and devotion towards the supreme power. 

To feel connected to the almighty on this special occasion, you ought to offer prayers with all your heart, but it’s quite incomplete without the use of basmati rice, which is highly auspicious for the occasion. 

Beyond making delicious foods on Diwali, basmati rice is used to make rangolis, which signifies your invitation for Goddess Laxmi to visit your residence. Furthermore, it is used in Diwali Pooja to offer Akshata, which is the ritual where you offer unbroken & uncooked basmati rice to the almighty, seeking blessings for prosperity, fertility, and bounty. 

What are the Different Basmati Rice Dishes You Can Try This Diwali?

The fragrance and deliciousness of basmati are what add a perfect atmosphere of togetherness and warmth around your house that’s gearing up for the festive season. To help you get an idea of how different cultures in India celebrate their Diwali food traditions with basmati rice, here are some dishes that state the versatility of this ingredient:

1. Kheer

Kheer, better understood as basmati rice pudding, garnished with nuts and saffron, is one of the quintessential desserts that no Indian can put off during a festive celebration. This isn’t just a concluding dish after a meal but is more like a comfort food. 

May it be about worshipping the almighty before commencing with the Diwali celebrations or serving the guests with something sweet, Kheer is a staple. And, when basmati rice is used for the making of it, this is all you need to satisfy your taste buds to the fullest. 

Fragrant basmati rice will be flavoured with saffron and cardamom, alongside rose and nuts, which turns out to be a silky and creamy dessert that would melt your heart. Diwali is here, and this is among the best basmati rice recipes you can’t care to miss! 

2. Biryani

In Indian cultures, most people believe not to consume non-vegetarian dishes on the occasion of Diwali. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the joy of having biryani. With the right recipe and the use of perfect basmati rice, vegetable biryani can still match the vibe of the chicken counterpart. 

Add the perfect vegetables, paired with the right spices, and the basmati’s aroma, blended with that of the add-on ingredients, will make you and your guests in awe of the dish. But, if there’s no such restriction on eating vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes for your family this Diwali, you can definitely replace veggies with chicken! 

You can have your desirable side dishes just the way you want! Biryani is not just the most desirable dish in India for the festivities but is also adopted by people for Diwali celebrations worldwide

Basmati Rice & VeggieSoup

Most families in the Indian culture prefer to stick with vegetarian dishes during Diwali, as it is considered an auspicious occasion. Therefore, just to add another dish to your ‘Diwali Favourite’ list is the basmati and veggie soup. As the subtle winter winds have made their way to the nation in the month of November, Diwali celebrations are going to witness some effects of it. 

So, bring in some veggies, such as broccoli, peas, beans, corn and others, and blend them in with basmati rice to prepare a bowl of delicious soup to keep you warm this Diwali. Alongside that, you will also be having something delicious enough for the guests to compliment. 


These are just a few recipes that define the use of basmati rice in different Indian cultures. Irrespective of what the food preferences people have, Diwali welcomes the use of basmati rice in abundance. So, if you are yet to plan your Diwali dishes, add these three options to the list, and see your guests finish the dishes quickly and ask for more! 

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