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The Aroma of Diwali: Why Basmati Rice Reigns Supreme?

India is a country that is widely known for its rich and diverse culinary history, and basmati rice is one of the most integral components that has made its way to most of the country’s dishes. 

Basmati is considered the pinnacle in terms of its taste, heritage, and quality when compared to other rice varieties grown in India. Longer grains, pearly colour, silky texture, and appetising flavour, make it perfect to add that pinch of deliciousness to Indian cuisines.  And as Diwali is almost here, this rice variety is going to be served with a lot of love and joy across almost all households in India. 

If you have been looking for some ideas on what to cook this Diwali and found one ingredient common in most dishes, you would definitely care to know more about it, right? Well, basmati rice reigns supreme for most dishes on all festive occasions. If you don’t know why it is so, let’s give you an enlightening clarity on Basmati’s dominance in India! 

Why is Basmati the Most Favourable Rice Type in Festivities as well as for Usual Meals?

It is true that basmati rice holds a special place in the hearts of all Indians. May it be a festive occasion like Diwali or a usual weekend at home, basmati brings in a sign of elegance and premiumness that gets served on your dining table. It is the epitome of celebrations in India for auspicious or special occasions. 

To help you make your Diwali filled with the aromatic essence of basmati rice aroma this year, here are a few things for you to know why this rice variety reigns supreme in India:

1. Astounding Elegance

Basmati rice is often aged to perfection and is processed without any additives, chemicals, aroma, or colour. The natural fragrance of the basmati rice is preserved, and that is what attracts people the most. At India Gate, we ensure to stick with our purity standards while producing the best basmati rice with aroma. The right technique for producing or cultivating basmati rice is what helps the grains retain their innate properties. Thus, it becomes a delectable and healthy choice among all! 

2. Impeccable Health Benefits

Basmati rice is considered an ideal solution to meet all your culinary needs. It is naturally cholesterol-free and gluten-free. This festive season, you won’t have to skip on a rice meal, as India Gate’s basmati rice can be a great add-on to your healthy diet. As basmati rice has a low glycemic index, it helps in managing blood sugar levels better than any other rice type. 

3. Versatility

This Diwali, it is true you have a lot of dishes in mind, and some do involve the use of basmati! This is because basmati rice is considerably the backbone of most Indian cuisines and is used in several dishes. From pulao to biryani and kheer to soup, basmati rice can be used to add a lot of flavours and textures to almost all Diwali special dishes you try out. 

4. Cultural Significance

Basmati rice has been used by Indians as an offering to the almighty in their ceremonies or prayers. Various cultural festivals, gatherings, and rituals have witnessed the use of basmati rice, not just as deity offerings but also as a food tradition. One such festive example is Diwali, which is knocking on the door. The basmati dishes cooked on Diwali evenings tend to bring in communities and families.

Not just festive but special occasions like marriages or Sunday family reunions are also embraced with the basmati rice dishes. 

5. Sustainability

The cultivation of basmati rice promotes deep sustainability that’s embedded deep within the traditions. The use of rainwater for crop feeding and the use of crop rotation techniques for enhancing soil fertility is what lessens the need for farmers to use chemical fertilisers. Thus, this is what brings in the health factors of basmati and makes it one of the most preferred dishes for Indians on their special occasions, like Diwali. 


These are just a few of the many things that make the basmati rice aroma and taste, a firsthand preference for every Indian to celebrate the Diwali food traditions. It reigns supreme as far as food ingredients are considered in the nation. May it be health benefits, elegance, aroma, versatility, or cultural significance, basmati rice stands as one of the undeniable ingredients, best in all fronts for your regular or periodic consumption. 

May it be Diwali or just a weekend lunch gathering, basmati rice has that elegant texture and flavour to make people not leave behind even the last of its grain on their plates. India Gate brings you the best quality basmati rice to complement your Diwali celebrations. Place your orders before stocks run out!


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