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Rice Recipes and Family Traditions: Passed On from One Generation to the Other!


Rice Recipes and Family Traditions

Basmati rice, holds a special place in the hearts of Indian generations. It is because no Indian festivals are considered complete without a basmati recipe. Won’t you agree? May it be inviting someone home for lunch, or to prepare a celebration meal as dinner, basmati rice is part of the family’s meal traditions!

Basmati symbolized prosperity, purity and abundance, which makes it the foundation to most of the celebratory dishes that you care to relish and share with your loved ones on auspicious occasions.  

Whether you are in search of the best rice for biryani or want to try a different recipe with the use of basmati, this article will express the blend of rice recipes with that of the family traditions that has been embraced since ages! 

1. Plain Basmati Rice

Now, you might think that this is a basmati rice recipe you are aware of! But, before heading out to something creative, it is always better to start with the basics. Thus, plain basmati rice is a must-to-be dish on this list! 

You can make plain basmati rice with just four ingredients in your kitchen: i.e. basmati rice, water, salt and butter. With just these four ingredients, you will attain the tenderest and fluffiest basmati rice you would ever eat. 

This dish will be low in calories and fats and welcomes you to add almost any curry or side dish, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, to complete the meal. 

2. Basmati Rice Pilaf

It is now time for you to be more creative with cooking basmati rice, and pilaf should be your next recipe to add to your family food traditions. Basmati rice pilaf gives you a very garlicky taste that soothes the taste buds, undoubtedly. 

This dish is scrumptious and comes with a very wonderful texture. You can consider topping it with minced almonds and chives to add more colour and crunch. It tastes best when you have it with lean chicken as the side dish. 

But, you needn’t have a side dish with pilaf mandatorily, as you can eat it as your morning or evening snack all by itself. 

3. Indian Basmati Rice

Wait! Before you skip this recipe, thinking of it to be the same as that of plain basmati rice, you must know they are different. How? 

Well, plain basmati rice is made with just four ingredients, but by naming this recipe as Indian basmati rice, a jazzed-up ingredient rush is added to it. As basmati rice is native to India, it is very obvious to have a dish named right with the country. 

The Indian basmati rice demands you to add cumin, curry, turmeric and other such fragrant seasoning spices to get that golden colour, herby flavour and perfect spiciness. When the Indian basmati rice is served alongside your favourite curry, you won’t be leaving even the last grain on your plates. 

4. Basmati Coconut Milk Rice

Even though basmati rice in this recipe is mixed with coconut milk, it still isn’t turning out to be a sweet rice dish. The taste will be somehow savoury, and the texture will be fluffy.

Once you are done preparing this dish, you will get that earthy and rich flavour, popping out with the blend of oniony deliciousness. If you can pair up basmati coconut rice with that of other sweet-n-sour side dishes, you aren’t going back to eating standard rice anymore. 

As a suggestion, you must consider eating this dish in your dinner alongside a sweet-n-sour chicken side dish. Your taste buds will crave more, even when you are heading out to bed. You can’t have enough of this combination! 

5. Basmati Rice Salad

As generations have passed, people have now turned around basmati rice as a staple ingredient for their creative dishes. This basmati rice salad is one of those cooking creations that is being loved and consumed popularly. 

It is the perfect alternative to pasta salad and can be filled with colourful and delicious seasonings, herbs, spices and veggies. It would take a mere 20 minutes for you to chop things right and cook the basmati rice, following which you can blend them all to create your perfect rice salad. 

If you are trying this dish on your night-outs, create enough, as people are definitely going to ask for a second round!

6. Basmati Rice & Chicken Soup

The name of the dish itself is mouth watery! Your dinners are going to be astoundingly special with this thin broth soup, with chicken slices, veggies and a lot more spices to fill your mouth with deliciousness. 

Every serving of basmati rice and chicken soup, when made right, will have less than 200 calories. So, you don’t have to worry about affecting your diet routine with this dish!

So, next time you are in the mood for some soup, don’t go for those ready-made market soup mix powders. Instead, bring in some chicken and cook the basmati rice to make your bowl of delicious homemade soup. 


These are just a few of the many basmati rice recipes that have been continually fulfilling the taste cravings of Indians for several generations. And there is no stopping its popularity and taste. India Gate Foods brings you the best rice for biryani, pulao, soup, salad and several other dishes! 

From generations in the past to the generations coming in the future, India Gate has and always will continue to deliver the best quality basmati that satisfies your craving for its fine aroma and delicious taste.


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