Placeholder India Gate Foods' Dedication to Sustainable Sourcing: From Farm to Table
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India Gate Foods’ Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing: From Field to Dish

India Gate Foods has strongly worked towards fulfilling its commitment to implement sustainability in all aspects of cultivating and producing rice. Even long before the sustainability culture picked up pace on the trend chart, India Gate Foods was slowly making it an evident culture within its business approach.

The three pillars of sustainability, economic, social, and environmental, are well attended and focused on while bringing the best quality India Gate Basmatic Rice to your dish. India Gate Foods is one of the most popular brands in India, selling premium-quality basmati rice.

The brand is inching to maintain its consistent position in healthy food. We are also part of KRBL Limited, the world’s largest exporter and miller of basmati rice.

We have been working with the trust of Indians for a long time today. And our pursuit of keeping up with our consumers’ trust leads us to be sustainable in our approach. Our production, cleaning, sorting, packaging, and other processes involved in bringing your favorite basmati rice from field to dish are executed with sustainable commitments in mind.

Let’s dive deeper into the understanding of how India Gate Foods has made its way into sustainable sourcing habits. Following that, you will learn something more about why our rice is a crucial part of every rice recipe that is meant to state a statement of deliciousness.

Producing the Greatest Yields

At India Gate Foods, we have the biggest farming network of 85,000 farmers across 350,000 acres of land. The superior yet consistent quality of basmati rice has been praised by the Indians for decades. All the farmlands we operate in are sustainably managed, which ensures that crop production meets international quality standards.

For a long time now, improved sustainability efforts with respect to the forever commitment have led India Gate Foods to produce more crop yields while contributing towards preserving the environment. With such efforts, the 2023 report by KRBL Limited stated that they experienced a profit of 8% in the fourth quarter from its India Gate basmati rice

Land Usage and Soil Conservation

Our farmers respect the land they work on and strongly believe in environmental conservation practices. With us at their back, they are trying new innovative measures to improve the land for the next generation to continue embracing the farming culture. There’s a rising demand for land usage in India, which increases the necessity for us to make the most use of it for specific purposes.

In the field of agriculture, we intend to produce more crops on less land. Thus, that is how we are minimizing our land usage and contributing to preserving it for other efficient uses. Following that, we are also promoting soil conservation practices by introducing tillage conservation. Here, the rice being planted is without any tillage into the prior crop residue.

Thus, this effort by our farmers and operatives helps protect the soil from erosion and nutrient loss. Our consistent rice farming results in the lowest possible soil erosion on a per-acre basis in comparison to other crops.

Quality & Usage of Water

India Gate Foods is using precision technology for tracking the usage of water alongside weather conditions. We do it to reduce the unwanted or over usage of water and enhance farming efficiency at the same time. There are multiple variables that play their roles in minimizing water usage.

But, we have also engaged our team to look out for the continuous scope of improvement through in-depth research to help rice farmers with efficient agriculture techniques with minimal usage of water. Apart from that, we are also taking a leap towards preserving the water quality.

The field runoff often contains excessive nutrients and sediments, which can impact the water quality negatively. As we are growing rice consistently, it is like a natural system for filtering excessive nutrients or sediments. Thus, the water will remain cleaner when it leaves the farming field.

Usage of Energy and Preserving Air Quality

India Gate Foods is promoting the use of fuel-efficient farming equipment, which will reduce the quantity of water that is being moved to flood the rice fields. Following that, we are also using fewer passes on the field and using the right fertilizer to reduce energy consumption or usage.

Rice hulls are now being converted to energy by our millers, which also leads to reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. For decades, farming innovation and rice conservation have led us to contribute a bit towards improved quality of air. CO2 emissions are controlled through tillage conservation, and the higher-yielding varieties are achieved to support this approach toward improving air quality.

Scaling the Scope of Biodiversity

Rice conservation and sustainability practices in association with the water, air, and soil are brilliant for preserving the natural resources of this planet. But the sustainability practices don’t end here! We are also scaling our practices to help enhance wildlife habitats.

We are providing acres of rice lands to the life-sustaining resources, allowing migration for countless animals, especially waterbirds, to call these fields their home. The residues left after the harvest act as the feedstuffs for the waterbirds, which again increases straw decomposition, weed reduction, and increase in soil nutrients. Thus, the agronomic advantages of the soil increase.


India Gate Foods committed to adopting sustainability practices for a long time now. We have been practicing innovations and improving existing methods to preserve natural resources. Ultimately our goal was to produce the best quality India Gate Rice, and that’s being fulfilled, even with sustainability as our prime consideration.

Our approaches and techniques clearly indicate how hard our team of farmers and other professionals are working to impose a positive impact on the environment. We ensure that every bit of the natural resource being used by our agriculture practices is well-utilized without unnecessary consumption.

India Gate Foods has set a bar of sustainability in agriculture practices that the other industry players are keen on adopting today!


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