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Exploring Various Rice Varieties in India and Tips for Selecting the Best Quality

Exploring Various Rice Varieties

Rice is undoubtedly the biggest staple in Indian foods, and people prefer eating a plate full of it in at least one meal of the day. People have an abundance of options to pair up rice to make a wholesome meal out of it. But, when it is about choosing one among the overwhelming varieties of rice, it is obvious to feel confused at times. 

So, to help you get rid of this confusion, here is a brief elaboration on the various types of rice varieties you can count on. 

Explore the Different Varieties of Rice

Here is the list of different rice varieties in India for you to satisfy your taste buds and give your body the daily nutrients it requires

1. The King of Rice: Basmati

It is one of the most popular and sought-after rice varieties in India. Basmati rice is native to the subcontinent of India. The production of basmati rice varieties in India accounts for 75% of the total global production. Whether you want to have a plate full of biryani for lunch or want to make kheer as a dessert after dinner, basmati rice is a good pick for you! 

2. The Common Taste of Indian Households: Regular White or Polished Rice

Alongside basmati, the most common type of rice that people prefer eating is regular white rice. Almost every household in India has a stock of this rice, which is rich in carbs. It is true that health experts often ask you to cut off this rice from your diet plan to ensure good health. But it is undeniable how delicious this white rice served with hot dal tastes! 

3. The Fragrant Rice: Jasmine 

The jasmine rice replicates the basmati rice quality in terms of taste and texture. People often use them as alternatives to get a slight change of taste. Both basmati and jasmine rice are praised for their aroma. In India, people are somehow inclined towards Thai cuisine, and no other rice variety than jasmine goes with those dishes. 

4. The Affordable Rice: Mogra

Mogra is among the cheapest rice varieties in the market. Upon seeing these rice grains in their raw form, you will find them smaller, just like regular white rice. But once you cook them, you will see they become longer and more fluffier, giving you the look of basmati. Pulaos or veg biryanis are spoiled with the use of mogra rice. And it tastes amazing! 

5. The Hand Pounded Rice: Indrayani

Maharashtra’s western region dominates the production of Indrayani rice. It comes with medium-sized grains that turn out to be sticky if not cooked properly. The cooking time for this variety of rice is very low, which demands you to be pretty quick in turning off the stove, in comparison to other rice varieties. Moreover, you get a very sweet aroma upon cooking Indian rice. 

6. The South Indian’s Favourite Rice: Kolam 

The kolam rice variety has very small grains that are spongy in texture and emits a floral aroma upon being cooked. The people in the South of India are fond of sweet Pongal, which is made mostly using kolam rice. Moreover, it is also used in the daily cooking routine as well! What’s best about this rice variety is the glycaemic index is lower, making it suitable for patients with diabetes or high blood sugar problems. 

Tips to Consider While Buying the best Quality of Rice

As you are now aware of the abundance of rice varieties in India, it is time you choose your type and pick the best quality for your daily food habits. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to ensure you are getting the best rice quality:

1. Have A Look at the Rice’s Physical Characteristics

While you are buying rice of any variety, you must always have a closer look at the physical appeal of the grains. For the start, look at the size or shape of the grain. Depending on the rice variety you opt for, ensure the shape & size signifies purity. Following that, look at the colour, thickness, weight, and moisture content of the rice grain. Again, go for tallying the actual characteristics with the recommended ones to see if the rice you are buying is of the best quality or not. 

2. Take Note of Chemical characteristics 

In the next step, you must assess the chemical composition of the rice you are buying. To check it, you must sense the aroma that the rice grains emit and look for any gel consistency in them. The touch and feel of the grains after cooking would give you an idea of whether the rice is of good quality or not. 

3. Buy from the Trusted Store

When buying rice, you must always rely upon trusted and reputed stores. For instance, India Gate is the most trusted brand in all of India for selling the best basmati rice varieties. They ensure that every packet of rice you buy is certified by the lab and has been approved by ISO. Moreover, the basmati produced by India Gate also adheres to the latest FSSAI norms to give you an organic taste and feel. So, relying upon a reputed store would ensure you don’t eat poor-quality rice. 

4. Try and be Careful While Going for Cheaper Rice Varieties

While you are on the quest to buy the best quality of rice, you must focus on the pricing as well. There are various price tags for the same products in the market. The price is often specified depending on the quality! So, if you are going with the cheaper variant of an expensive rice variety, you must be compromising on the quality. As per experts, this isn’t advisable at all! So, make sure you go for quality over pricing to ensure you consume healthy food as your staple. 


There are a lot of things that go into making rice production healthy! The end product that you consume undergoes a lot of tests and quality checks to ensure there’s no compromise on your health aspects. However, not all brands are equally contributing to this vision of producing and selling quality rice varieties. 

Therefore, it is upon you to choose the brand that has showcased its foundation of trust over the ages. India Gate Foods is one of those brands that has been selling quality rice without blends long before FSSAI made it a mandate! So, pick your desired rice type, and follow the tips above to buy the best quality every time. 


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