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Discovering India’s Delightful Culinary Heritage with India Gate Foods

Delightful Culinary Heritage

If you are embarking on the path of exploring the culinary heritage of India, you should know what the dishes of this nation are famous for. May it be rich flavors, variety, or exceptional spices, the combination of numerous recipes is deeply loved and preserved in the hearts of people across different states within the country.

Moving ahead in this article, we will be taking you on a joy back ride to unveil the historical culinary heritage of India Gate Foods. We believe there’s an abundance of Indian delicacies that can’t be summed up in one post. So, let’s explore the Indian culinary heritage with India Gate Goods, to get that mouth-watering sensation while discussing the three iconic Indian dishes; dosa, tikka masala, and biryani.

Biryani: The Go-To Dish For Indians

Even at the 5-star restaurants, how many of you have blindly searched ‘Biriyani’ over the menu card? Every time you find yourself stuck with the abundance of options on the menu card, ‘Biriyani’ is the breakthrough option that comes to your mind.

It is a dish; just by thinking of which, your mouth would feel its taste, and your smelling abilities would start sensing its imaginary aroma. India Gate Foods has been part of the biryani culture for a long time now. Our long & aromatic India Gate basmati rice has been the foundation for a delicious plate of biryani.

It is believed that biriyani was cooked in royal kitchens back during the reign of the Mughal Empire on Indian lands. Since the 16th century, the royals have immensely loved biriyani, cooked with rich flavors, special spices, and varying cooking techniques. Eventually, biriyani was declared the culinary masterpiece, which will be embraced forever.

It is believed that Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor who built the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, was the man who made biryani, a popular dish across India. Over time, the taste and its cooking technique were adopted by different regions of India. And as India evolved through the centuries, the states introduced their versions of the beloved biriyani.

Lucknowi, Kolkata, and Hyderabadi biryani are the widely popular regional version of the biryani, having specific flavors achieved by unique blends or cooking techniques. The taste of these regional biryanis might differ, but one thing that’s common and will always be in it is the India Gate rice!

If it’s not too late, order a plate of biryani right away before you continue reading about the other delicacies.

Dosa: Staple South Indian Breakfast that has Won the Hearts of People All Around the Country

For Indians, dosa is an emotion that satisfies the taste buds right when you eat the piece of the crispy fermented rice pancake, wrapped with potato fillings and dipped in a bowl of sambar, also known as lentil & vegetable stew. If you haven’t had a plate of dosa anytime in the past, you are missing out on something satisfying.

The origin of this phenomenal dish dates back to the ancient era of the 1st century AD. The legendary stories tell us the first ever dosa was made and served by a temple priest who wanted to use the leftover lentils and rice. He ground the leftover ingredients together with water and prepared the batter. He then left it to ferment throughout the night, and the dosa made on the following day quickly gained traction among people.

Fast forward to 2023, dosa has countless regional variations, and even unique variants are served at restaurants. If you want to taste the classic and mouth-watering masala dosa, you need to take a flight to Tamil Nadu right away! This classic delicacy is filled with spicy potato filling, vegetable stew, and coconut chutney.

If you are in Kerala, be ready to take a bite of the crispy edges and fluffy center of the dosa crepe. Heading out to Andhra Pradesh, embrace the deliciousness of pesarattu dosa, made out of green moong dal, that’s equally tasty and nutritious. The best thing is not just South India; people from every state or corner of the nation are in love with dosa. It is one such delicacy that truly embraces the culinary heritage of Indian cuisine.

Tikka Masala: The Epitome of Deliciousness Trapped in the form of a Creamy Indian Curry

Indian cuisine is incomplete without a flavorsome and creamy curry. And tikka masala is just that piece of a dish that completes the definition of deliciousness. But, the origin of this majestic and sensational dish gives rise to a mystery. Some people believe tikka masala was created in the Indian subcontinent, while some claim it to be of the Britishers.

Some theories believe that tikka masala was first prepared in the 1970s in Scotland by a Bangladeshi chef. The stories further tell that a customer complained about the dryness of the tikka curry, which was dealt with by adding tomato gravy to the dish. Thus, it resulted in a creamy curry, which became popular across the world.

But, another theory states that people in the Indian subcontinent tasted the first ever tikka masala, which was later adopted by the Britishers. Keeping aside the roots, Indians who live tikka masala are happy to believe the dish is theirs, and nothing can change their view on it. The dish is said to have been influenced by the tandoori cooking flavors, made with marinated meat pieces, and cooked over a clay oven, which is called today a tandoor.

The meat will then be added to the tomato sauce to give you that flavorsome tikka masala you love.


So, this was a brief mouth-watering ride back to the history of some of the most popular delicacies of India. With this, you won’t have a doubt about believing in India’s delightful culinary heritage. Indian cuisine doesn’t just end with these three massive hits of the past but has a plethora of items that would take years for you to try out.

Every region of India has its version of famous dishes, which explains our diversity in the food culture. The world has praised Indian cuisine, and every family in India is proud of it. There’s another thing that Indians are proud of when it comes to cooking and enjoying some of the best Indian dishes, and that’s India Gate Basmati Rice!


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