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The saga of glucose fluctuations and its endless trials

Have you ever thought of giving up on certain foods to maintain your sugar levels?

Has the thought crossed your mind and you pushed it into the dark corners of your mind because you love your daily rice? Here’s something you should know if you want to maintain your sugar levels and continue to consume your daily rice. Welcome to the saga of glucose, rice, and their endless trials.

Rising glucose levels have a major effect on the health of people.

We all love our daily dose of rice, don’t we? Especially when cooked exotically.

This is a mental battle! To eat or not to eat. To avoid or to give in. 

The temptation feels like a fight between David and Goliath.

They say, what you eat is what you become. Your health largely depends on what you consume and sugar definitely shows up in your body!

Glucose levels and their fluctuations are a foe we have made friends with over the years. We all know how it can harm our system and in how many ways.

From every food product on the list, sugar and rice top the chart in raising blood glucose levels. The saga of glucose and its endless trials begins from the mentality of avoiding foods that spike glucose levels.

Eliminating some of your favourite food products can be the most painful part of this process. Sweets, cakes, Indian confectionary, the list is unending. If you have a sweet tooth this can be a test of patience. How can anyone let go of their daily favourite?

In this fight, can you cut down on your beloved rice?

If the answer is no.

There’s an easy solution to put an end to conundrum.

You can easily pick up the India Gate Sugar Watchers Special Rice online or from a retail store near you.

Now enjoy your rice and worry less about glucose levels rising. Scoop into your favourite pulao or dig into some simple curd and rice combination, all with India Gate Sugar Watchers Special.


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