Beat The Sickness Blues With Quinoa

Owning to the presence of high quality and quantity of essential proteins and nutrients, Quinoa has a number of health benefits, especially when it comes to combating or preventing various illnesses.It also helps build strength and vitality, which are essential for patients suffering from a number of medical disorders.

Do you agree with the sentiment that ‘You are what you eat’? Do you prefer to seek natural remedies rather than take prescription medicines? Whether it is common cold, hairfall, diabetes or heart disorders to something as grave as cancer, most of us tend to lean towards the feeling that natural remedies are the best alternative.

Research has already proven that a balanced and judicious diet can help prevent and, in some cases, even combat many diseases and maladies.

One superfood that comes to mind when we talk about a healthy diet is quinoa. Including quinoa in the diet has a number of health benefits, as it is rich in proteins and other essential nutrients. Here is a list of disorders that a quinoa diet can help alleviate or prevent:

Quinoa Helps Alleviate Migraines
Quinoa contains magnesium that makes it great for treating migraines. This mineral can relax blood vessels and is an important factor in mitigating vascular headaches.
Quinoa Is A Perfect Substitute For Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity
This is a condition which prevents the patient from being able to digest wheat. The protein in wheat (gluten) acts as an irritant to the patient causing serious issues and can even lead to damage of the small intestine. People suffering from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity need to avoid things like breads, roti, biscuits, etc.

Quinoa is a boon for people with gluten sensitivity as it not only does adds variety to the menu but also provides a higher quantity of proteins, fibre antioxidants and more minerals when compared to wheat.
Quinoa Helps Combat Atherosclerosis And Heart Disorders
Cholesterol is found only in animal meat and quinoa, like cereals, is cholesterol-free. When you eat quinoa, the fibre content of the quinoa helps in lowering your body cholesterol levels.

If you are in need of protein but do not want to include animal meat in your diet due to cholesterol content, then quinoa is the perfect choice for you. Atherosclerosis and heart disease begins when excess cholesterol and fats from your blood begin to build up on the inner walls of the arteries causing them to become rigid and reducing their width. This reduced the amount of space available for the blood to travel, which, in the long run leads to heart attacks.
Quinoa’s Role In Battling Cancer
The popularity of quinoa has grown in recent years due to its high nutritional value, a high concentration of protein and essential amino acids, dietary fibre, unsaturated fats and various vitamins and minerals. 
Many substances presented in quinoa have anti-angiogenic properties or the ability to inhibit new blood vessel growth and also suppress the proliferation of cancer cells.
Another interesting component of quinoa is saponin—bitter-tasting chemicals common to many types of plants. While saponins can be mildly toxic, they also have anti-tumor and anti-angiogenic activities and are sometimes used as an adjunct to chemotherapy. 
To summarize, Quinoa, owing to its high quantity and value of proteins, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins is constructive in building vigour, strength and vitality during illness. Including quinoa in the diet provides a number of health benefits, making it a superior option to commonly consumed food items.

– Monica Magoo, Nutritionist and Diet Consultant

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