This Eid, make your favourite dishes Quinoalicious!

Celebrate the auspicious festival of Eid with a variety of delicious protein and fiber rich food dishes!

Eid is an auspicious day celebrated among Muslims across the globe. On this day, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are commemorated. A jubilation is half-hearted if good food isn’t a part of it. So, this auspicious day is also celebrated with a variety of delicious protein and fiber rich food dishes!

However, have you ever wondered about the people who wish to celebrate the festival with equal vigor and are desirous of enjoying good food but have second thoughts because of their weight, sugar levels and other health issues?

What we need to realize is that we can definitely enjoy the goodies if we regulate the portion size and eat smart.

To keep the spirit of festivities high let us take a look at how we can increase the nutritious value of the food cooked, keeping in mind the traditional dishes.

Transforming Your Eid with Fiber Rich Food

A bowl of Sheer Korma cannot be overlooked during Eid. The traditional way of preparing this dish can be altered a bit. It can be transformed to a low fat and high protein recipe through the use of slim milk instead of whole milk and by adding Quinoa.  This will increase the thickness of the dish along with the nutritious value. Don’t worry about the taste – go try it out and you shall be astonished with the results!

The second dish which holds a huge sentimental value during Eid is Biryani. What about those diabetics who aren’t allowed to have rice or those who are watching their weight? Well, you can prepare the Biryani with a combination of 50 percent rice and 50 percent Quinoa to make it high protein low carb food as well as a fiber rich food. Yet, even with Quinoa, do not let yourself get carried away. Remember to control the portion size.

Moving on, how can we overlook the Haleem lovers? Haleem is a dish which by itself is high in protein. It is made up of a mix of grains and pulses and animal meat. Try adding Quinoa to this dish to transform it into a fibrous food and boost the intake of antioxidants.

Binge Responsibly and Eat Smart

Next is the mouth-watering Moong Dal Halwa. Replace the whole milk with slim milk or add Quinoa milk instead. Also, cooked Quinoa can be grinded and added to the moong dal and cooked. Quinoa has a bland taste and doesn’t impart much flavor to the dish it is added to. As a result, it can be added to pretty much everything. It imparts loads of nutrients without changing the original flavor.

Finally, are we neglecting something? Oh yes, our very own Seekh Kebabs! Seekh Kebabs are made from animal meat and can cause unnerving thoughts to weight watchers, heart patients and diabetics! So, they can be transformed by using lean meat and Quinoa to make it a protein rich food with low cholesterol.

To conclude, Festivities are meant to be enjoyed. Binge Responsibly and Eat Smart!

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