Onion Dosa, Masala Dosa, Mysore Dosa..…PROTEIN DOSA?

Whenever we talk of healthy meals, we can seldom miss our humble South Indian cuisine.

Whenever we talk of healthy meals, we can seldom miss our humble South Indian cuisine. Its steamed dishes like Dosa include a combination of dals and cereals which are good sources of protein. Other cuisines have heavy gravies with cashews and too much of cream and butter.

Have you ever wondered that this cuisine can be further improved by utilizing the nutritional value of Quinoa?

South Indian food is mostly rice based (which has high GI and has less protein and fiber).

Transform the Dosa with Quinoa

Replacing Rice with Quinoa can infuse it with high protein content and bring additional advantages as it is low in GI and has good amount of fiber.

This is extremely useful for those suffering from gluten sensitivity too. For instance adding Quinoa instead of Rawa in Upma can be a boon for people with gluten sensitivity as Quinoa is gluten free.

Making Dosa and Idlis with Quinoa flour ups the protein and fiber content of the dishes.

Similarly, Lemon Rice and Tamarind Rice can be made with Quinoa. The very humble Curd Rice can be made as Curd Quinoa, which increases the protein content four times. Isn’t it better and more economical than the regular protein bars?

Protein Dosa

Dosa and Vada, Gluten Free!

There are many other ways to make healthy snacks with Quinoa recipes.

Quinoa flour can be added in Medu Vada batter to derive its benefits. Quinoa fritters or Bhajiya can be added to everyday snacks. Also, Quinoa flakes can be used in coconut and peanut chutneys.

Quinoa is known as a legendary super food as it can transform your everyday dishes into nutritious meals. It does so while still allowing you to indulge, guilt free.

So, make your South Indian meals healthier and more nutritious without compromising on taste at all!

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