Superfood for Super Growth

Your growth is directly proportional to the food you eat. Add quinoa to your diet to make both of them SUPER.

Quinoa has earned the “superfood” nickname, because of its nutritious attributes. One cup of cooked quinoa has 2.8 grams of iron, or 15% of your daily recommended intake. That is four times the amount of iron per serving than brown rice. It also has 10 times more folate, which is a nutrient women have a difficult time finding.

Quinoa has all nine nutritious amino acids which protect hair shafts. It also, provides extra strength to hair and helps in repairing the damaged ones. Quinoa helps in cleaning hair follicles with vegetable protein reducing dry scalp and dandruff.  Quinoa water was used as natural shampoo, making it a thing to preserve for early farmers.

Kids’ diets can be little tricky. Feeding them with nutritious superfoods maximizes the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats with every meal. Quinoa is a seed that tastes and cooks like a grain. It contains whole protein to support growth. Being nutritious, quinoa is also high in iron and other minerals. It has a delicious nutty flavor and it pops as you chew it, making it a fun food for kids to enjoy. Serve quinoa wherever you would use rice to make the meal more nutritious. Quinoa also makes a great breakfast dish when cooked with oats. It is a gluten free grain and is an alternative to whole grain rice in many baby foods.

The zero cholesterol and nutrients boost per 100 calories, this gluten-free super seed is preferred food for many Indian astronauts at Cape Canaveral. The World Health Organization also equates its protein to that found in milk. It not only does your body good, but quinoa nourishes astronauts to infinity and beyond!

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