Higher Protein Than Egg

In the battle of protein, quinoa knocks out egg with better content per single serving. With this superfood, get the amount of protein your body requires.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, protein tops the priority list of any diet. Protein helps in building muscle tissues. When you exercise you burn calories, this burn is the extra fat your body carries. Building muscle is replacing this fat with protein, which would eventually result in building muscle. Thus you get a more muscular and well-toned body with minimal fat.

Seems easy? Yes, when you have a reliable source of protein alongside. One such source of protein is egg. You can get 5-6gms of protein per one serving from a whole egg. But there’s a catch here, a whole egg contains yolk, which contains fat and cholesterol. So, now to get protein out of egg you would need to bear extra fat and cholesterol, which you would not like. The bioavailability (the absorption in the body) of eggs is high, but due to high saturated cholesterol and sodium, it requires a well-planned diet.

Someone has rightly said ‘BALANCE’ is the key to nutrition. You can’t store eggs for longer durations, giving you an extra refilling job.

Quinoa on other hand is termed as ‘Superfood’ for a reason. One serving will lend you 8gm of pure plant protein. The proteins you get from quinoa consist of all the nine amino acids which makes it precious. You can enjoy pure protein without worrying about fat and cholesterol.

Moreover quinoa is high in fiber so gives a higher satiety value, i.e., keeps you full for a longer time, which is very important as it reduces the consumption of food and sometimes junk food.

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