Diabetic? Add Quinoa to your Dessert!

As a diabetic, you don't have to completely give up on your sweet tooth. There is an alternative! Use quinoa and enjoy the desserts that you previously sacrificed.

You know all those times you just ate one piece of mithai just to be diabetes friendly? Remember how dessert is always just one piece of something sweet that one has after meals? How many of those times have you wished you could have more dessert?

With quinoa you can have your dessert and eat it too! This super food is packed with protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals and is high in magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron. There are nine essential amino acids that you must get via your diet, as your body does not make them on its own. The fiber in quinoa can help you feel full for longer. Here is the best part – the whole grain has a relatively low GI and hence can be used as a part of a diabetes friendly diet.

You can easily substitute quinoa and quinoa flour for grains and grain flours in recipes. Quinoa offers a bold and nutty flavor and forms a creamy texture after whisking. Adding quinoa to everything you eat gives you a super healthy lifestyle especially for those with diabetes.

From using it as a flour for cakes, cookies and muffins to making puddings – quinoa is the healthy and tasty option for those with diabetes. Now you can say “yes!” to mithai. Quinoa and fruits go well together too. You can make quinoa granola bars, pies, cookies, cakes and a lot of other tasty treats. What’s stopping you from having desserts now? Remember eating well does not mean sacrificing, not anymore.

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