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Unity Basmati Pulav Rice

Upgrade your pulav with the Unity Basmati Pulav Rice which comes with its world-class quality and texture. Our pulav rice, from the house of India Gate, is long grain, aromatic and fluffy making it your everyday rice choice. Simple or exotic, however you feel, our pulav rice is the perfect companion for any dish. Every spoon of pulav basmati rice increases your hunger with its fine fluffy grains and texture. This Unity Basmati Pulav Rice saves your cooking time as it gets prepared within 10-15 minutes. To prepare the fluffy and flavourful rice, you need to wash and soak the rice for 30 mins before boiling. A secret tip from the chef, you can squeeze some lemon while cooking the rice and experience the taste and aroma elevate to another level. Our rice will not get sticky while cooking, and its taste will make you fall in love with it, with every spoon. We assure you that the irresistible taste of pulav will delight your heart, every time.

  • Unity Basmati Pulav Rice
  • Finest Quality & Aromatic
  • Fluffy Basmati Grains
  • Delicious in Taste
  • Ideal Choice for Daily Consumption
  • From the House of India Gate

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