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My Rice, My Rules

We’d be lying if we told ourselves our grandmas were bad cooks. Find someone who’d genuinely make this statement and you’d face a challenge like finding a needle in a haystack. Our grandmas were undoubtedly the best cooks we’d ever know. The lip-smacking delicacies and variety of cuisines they could cook were hands down, the penultimate feeling of satisfaction.

Today I write this piece as a health-conscious man who looks after his diet closely.

I miss my grandmom now, more than ever. I miss savouring the biryani she cooked.

Rice was our staple and Biryani was a delicacy!

When her fingers started preparing the biryani, it was like Mozart creating a symphony in a vessel.

They say you don’t know what you got until you lose it. I knew my grandma was a gem. What I didn’t realize was, the ingredients she used would go along with her when she left. The good news is, somehow, my wife could get the recipe just right after a million trials and errors.

Just when she was almost there, I thought of giving up on rice to control my sugar levels.

So, all these years I missed my grandma, and the Biryani she cooked for me, and when finally, someone learned the trick of the trade, I picked the axe to chop my own desires.

As mentioned earlier, rice was a staple for my family, and it still is. How can I let go of my staple diet? The tiny white grains which I savoured all my life. It tasted great and gave me eternal bliss, always, with every gravy!

To my luck, the stars aligned and India Gate Food’s Sugar Watcher Special Low GI Rice entered the store racks. I gazed upon this product as it lured me to its cursive front pack.


Woah! This looks so cool! I didn’t doubt its claims or the quality because it came from the legacy house of India Gate Foods.

My only inhibition was, would it still taste the same as my white rice, the tiny little white grains with their angelic presence on my plate? I had to try to know!

I brought it home, and with the excitement of having rice back in my life, I couldn’t stop myself from trying my hand at a simple curd rice dish. What could ever go wrong with that?

There I was,  India Gate Sugar Watchers Special and I, trying to recreate grandma’s Mozart symphony, only with curd and rice. It hardly took a while before I was eating it. My rice was back! It tasted the same! The exact same!


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