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GI and Diabetes*

Glycemic Index (GI) indicates the rate at which carbohydrate in the food is broken down into glucose and absorbed from the gut into the blood.

To ensure our sugar level does not shoot skywards, it’s important to keep it grounded by keeping it in check. Which means controlling one’s diet. Is that easy? Perhaps not for everyone.

Yes, sugar is the key culprit, for any glucose spike, but there’s also a member from the food cartel who can be blamed for the rise in an individual’s glucose level. Rice!

In India, especially in various regions or pockets of the nation, rice is an important part of the daily diet. Sometimes the best culinary offerings taste the best with rice. But here’s a catch, diabetics have to stay away from this common denominator.

What if we told you, you can now eat your favourite white rice without worrying about your sugar level spiking upwards?

Let us introduce to you, the revolutionary product from the house legacy of India Gate Foods.

India Gate Sugar Watchers Special rice that is low in GI and diabetic friendly.

This is ‘India Ka Naya Rice’.

With India Gate Sugar Watchers Special, you don’t need to compromise on your rice or worry about your sugar level spiking. A revolutionary new way to consume rice without even losing the original taste of your everyday white rice. Not just this, you can safely consume this rice thrice a day with every single meal you plan!   

India Gate Sugar Watchers Special is designed keeping in mind your love for rice even though you’re a diabetic. We know how much you love your rice. We know you think of it but can’t do much. We know you see it at a buffet and want to reach out for a spoon but it’s a competition between the heart and the mind! Logic wins if you are strong-willed and you don’t pick the spoon of rice, and your heart wins if you think one little serving won’t do much harm!

For even the smallest and the largest servings, India Gate Sugar Watchers Special is your best friend from this day on. We promise you won’t be let down.


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